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Isabel Rafferty O.P.



Digital Art & Multimedia

800.444.4861 x 2284

Originally from England, I am a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister teaching Multimedia and Digital Art and Design classes in the Graphic Design area. I come from a studio arts background with a lot of experience with drawing and painting. I did my first Masters degree in Art Therapy and practiced as a Board Certified Art therapist and licensed counsellor for ten years, first in Chicago, Illinois and then Missoula, Montana.

With the early development of the internet I became interested in interactive art and after being involved in a number of collaborative projects chose to do my MFA in Computer Arts. This led me into the world of Media production and post production, where I gained lots of experience with many of the Adobe software applications as well as User experience, User interfaces and User experience design.

The software and subjects I teach are continually evolving so I am challenged to keep learning and implementing the latest developments into my classes so that our students are best prepared to enter the industry with the most up to date training.